Copy/Paste Glyph

I do a lot of copy/pasting - especially when I make alternates. Right now I need to open a glyph, select the glyph, copy the glyph, close the glyph, go over to where I want it and paste it there.
Another way is to open the destination box and run the ‘add component’ function.
Is there no way I can just right click on any glyph, select ‘copy’ from the pop up menu and paste it where I want it???

For alternatives, consider duplicating an existing glyph (EditDuplicate).

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@FlorianPircher - Hmmm, I need to unlearn certain autopilot behaviour… Thanks for that! I used to create the alternates first, then copy/pasted the base glyphs in the boxes… Duplicating glyphs and renaming them is easier! Thanks (again)!

And if you have a glyph already, you could use the Paste special command (Command+Option+V; check the handbook for details).

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