Copy paste into Glypsh2 is different than previous version?

Hey since i bought a license for glyphs 2 i was really happy at first. But it looks like Glyphs 2 interprets the import via copy paste differently than Glyphs 1. Whenever I open my SVG-paths in illustrator and copy paste them into the newer glyphs version, the icons are smaller. The paths i want to import are the same used in the previous version and therefore there shouldn’t be a difference unless the import settings of glyphs 2 are different.

Does anyone know how I can influence any value that might affect that import?

Would be really nice to get some help!
Sincerely Lars

There shouldn’t be a difference between Glyphs 1 and 2. Can you send me one of the svg files?

really appreciate that fast reply! here is a screenshot and the svg file

As mentioned I imported the exact same svg but just into the newer glyphs version…
I thought that it might come that I updated my illustrator from a test version to CC…
but don’t know why there should be a change :confused:

I get the exact same result. What versions of Glyphs did you try?

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It was “Glyphs Mini 1.5.7” …
Its expired now so I got my hands on “Glyphs 2”

I get the exact same result in all version of Glyphs Mini and Glyphs.

alright thank you! Anyways is there a possibility of affecting the import size of a path? Maybe I can find a setting that comes close to the former paths… Don’t want to replace 353 Icons :confused:

you should be able to calculate the scale factor quite easily :wink:

the scale factor will be different for each icon as it seems to be a relative value of the icon path… Either don’t want to calculate that for each icon :confused:

pls correct me if im wrong <.<

*edit: Each Icon has unique dimensions and scale

I don’t know why the scale is wrong now. I get the bigger version (as seen in the screenshot on the left).

If there is a consistent error, you should be able to calculate the scale factor for one of the icons and then apply the scale to all new icons.

Thanks yeah it seems to work like this even if its not 100% perfect I will go that way…
By the way the difference is 28,859060402685% so in case that problem occurs again in the future…

thanks a lot!