Copy paste kerning

I’m trying to paste the kerning from a font to another, but some kerning pairs are not being pasted in the second font. For instance the kerning pair one/seven (both these characters don’t have kerning groups) is not being pasted.

Is there any special procedure to do this?

If I export the metric file and then import it on the second fonts, all pairs apear correctly

Can you send us the files?

Sorry I don’t have a file that I can send. I had to fix the problem in other ways.

But I think you can reproduce this:
— Generate an instance from a multiple master file (my file had 3 masters)
— than copy the kerning from the kerning window of the generated instance
— and past it into one of the masters of the original file.

The number of pairs transferred is less that the pairs in the interpolated instance. Some pairs were missing.


Same issue here. Any progress on this?

Can’t reproduce it. Can you run “Cleanup” form the kerning panel on all meters before your generate the instance?