Copy/Paste Metric Issue (v. 1213)

It’s not a great issue but I’ve noticed (v. 1213) that the metrics changes one or two units when I copy/paste from a master to other.

I don’t know if this topic it’s duplicate but I took a fast look and I didn’t see it. Thanks!

Can you be more specific. What do you copy and what changes?


For example: If I copy a glyph (the drawing) from the master 1 to the master 2, the LSB of the letter copied at the master 2 it’s about 2 o 3 more units.

I’ve noticed that this happens me only when I’m working with the italics (italic angle 10º).

That happens because the side bearing is measured on the half x-height. If it is different, then the side bearing is different, too. You can set the italic angle to zero after you copied (on both masters) to confirm that the copy pasting was correct.

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