Copy/Paste Metrics from on glyphs to a groups of selected glyphs

Hello! Can anyone advise me on how to copy the metrics from one glyph and apply it to a group of selected glyphs? *The right side of the letter is different, and I want to keep the same exact metrics when pasting it. Also, When trying to copy one glyph and paste it into another glyph, it creates a new glyph. Is there an option to paste the letter with the metrics to an existing glyph I select? Thanks a lot!

  1. In Font View, selected a group of glyphs

  2. In this panel (at the bottom left corner)
    Capture d’écran 2022-10-21 à 17.02.27

  3. In sidebearing entries type "= GLYPH YOU WANT TO COPY METRIC"
    Here is an example to copy left side bearing from H
    Capture d’écran 2022-10-21 à 17.04.47

Thanks. The thing is that my letters are sometimes wider… So I need the same metrics as one glyph I have already regardless the shape of the letter… I hope it makes sense…

Write =H so that the glyph uses the value value as the glyph H. You can do this with the left and/or right sidebearing, the width, or one of the sidebearings and the width.

If you want to change the value slightly, write a calculation like =H+10, =H*2, =H/1.5. If you don’t need a calculation and just want the same value, you can also just write the other glyph name without equals sign: H.

See the Handbook, section 10.1.3 Metrics Keys on page 149, for more options:

Thank you, Florian. The thing is that the letters are sometimes wider or more narrow so the sidebearings are not exactly in the same location as I needed them. Any Idea how to set the same metrics regardless of the shape of the letter? Thanks.

@MNT I assume you want the same width? The answer is still correct. In the field for Width, you enter the formula =H or whichever glyph you want to sync it with.

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Thank you. I tried it. But the width changed based on the letter. I need it to stay the same regardless of the letter. Imagine five alternates for the letter R. Each is different, But I still need the same width for all of them, like the Main uppercase R. Thanks a lot for the help.

You can also assign formula in glyph width entry
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Ok. Things are getting better now :slight_smile: Thank you so much! Can you please help me understand how I can copy glyphs to another glyph? When I do that, It creates a new glyph… Thanks a lot!

You can use the “Paste Special” by doing Command+Option+V. Have a look at the handbook for details.

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Amazing. Thank you!