Copy & paste of shapes with corner components


I am running Glyphs 2.4.2 (991) and have trouble copy and pasting shapes containing corner components. After hitting cmd-v I end up with the shape but lost all corner components included in the original.

Is this a known issue?

Cannot reproduce, works for me in Version 2.4.2 (991). Are you copying between glyphs, or between fonts?

Most – not all – of the time it breaks when copying from one font to the other.
But I also experienced that it breaks when I copy a path inside a glyph, paste it, copy that pasted shape and paste it again.


I’m having issues with this as well. Copy+paste stem from one glyph to another works, copy+paste the copied stem doesn’t take corner elements along.

Here’s a screencast:

Tried it in most recent cutting edge version and version 2.4.2 1037.

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Yes. It is a known bug.

Workaround: Place as a component (Cmd-Shift-C), right-click the component, Decompose.

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I fixed this.

In a new cutting edge version?

In the upcoming one. Can take a few days.