Copy/paste sidebearings on masters

I am trying to copy/paste the left and right sidebearing from one master to the other at the same time for many glyphs. All in the same document. I s there any way or script for doing these?

thanks in advance, d

Quickest way currently is to generate one master and use the Steal Sidebearings script from my GitHub repository. The script expects two separate documents, I’ll see if I can include all masters of all open documents, one of these days.

I just updated the script. It should work now between masters of the same font, too.

great! many thanks, but, i tried to use it and nothing happen.

  1. I generate all instances
  2. select “H” glyph on the master doc.
  3. open script and tell: copy metric from light cond. italic (this is master1) to selected glyph on light extended italic (this is master3)
  4. nothing change on master doc.

do you have any idea? thanks again.

all masters of one open document would be awesome.

To set the same sidebearing for all masters, you can use the equals sign to turn your number into metric key, e.g., =50.