Copy + Paste Special Bug

Paste Special affects the metrics of other masters when it shouldn’t:

Copied some glyphs and paste-special’d into another few glyphs and i had the copy LSB + Width option on, it also changed the sidebearings of another master even though I had “active layer” on.


The “Content of active Layer” means just that. The other options are independent of it.

But I see the point of having an option to only effect the current layer.

Hi Georg, this problem occurred again… I wanted to just copy the glyphs from one master to another but it affected the other masters …???

I’m confused why it should affect the other master when I don’t have that open, my colleagues in the office have also made this same assumption and we’ve had to retrace our steps to find this mistake again…

Did you select the master in the layer panel or from the toolbar?

I just switched to the master I expected to copy in in the Font Tab

Yesterday I noticed automatic alignment for components is set active when pasting special from one font to another.

I copied fractions in which I repositioned (alignment off) the superior and inferior numbers. When copying to another file, the components where automatically aligned again.