Copy & Pasting multiple “Replace Feature”

If I copy & paste “Replace Feature” to an instance that already has a “Replace Feature” then it gets overwritten instead of adding the new one. Similarly, copy & pasting multiple “Replace Feature” does not work. Would it be possible to fix this? Thanks!

good idea

That would be possible to fix.

It’s possible to work around that by manually adding a new Replace Feature entry in the custom parameters and pasting the contents into the value field. It’s a hassle if you have lots of instances, though, of if you update the contents often.

Another useful feature would be if you could support different features in the same Replace Feature dialog, e.g., «calt; blabla…; liga; blabla;».

And how should the feature code entered differentiate between features?

FWIW, my workaround was to open the .glyph file in a text editor and copy & paste the Replace Feature parameters there.

Putting multiple features into one Replace Feature parameter does not sound like it would be easier to handle (even though a UI or special syntax could certainly make it feasible).

Because each feature begins with something like “calt;”, which can’t be mistaken for a line of the previous feature.

At least you could copy-paste it from one instance to the next and not worry about parts getting overwritten.

I changed it that pasting into the parameters will always add to the list.