Copying a glyph set?

Is there a way to copy a glyphset from one file to another?

I have one completed file with a custom set of glyphs and I’d like another file to have the same set of glyphs without having to add them all manually.

Any ideas? Thanks!

In Font View, select all glyphs (Command-A), right-click one of the selected glyphs and select Copy Glyph NamesSpace Separated. Now you have a space-separated list of all glyph names of one project. Go to the other project, and go to GlyphAdd Glyphs… and paste the glyph names there. Click Generate to add all of the glyphs. If some glyphs already exist, you will be asked about whether you want to replace the existing glyphs, or keep the existing glyphs and only add the new ones.

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Or you make a List filter from the complete font.