Copying + Pasting

Hi —

I have two glyphs files, each with three masters. I select the characters I want to copy. I want only the glyph data from the bold master in one file and to be able to paste that into the bold master of another file. Is this possible?

It seems maddeningly complicated for something so simple. And it’s been bugging me from day one of an otherwise wonderful product!

did you try Paste Special (hold down option key when you open the edit menu)?

aaaaand we’re in business! +1 Georg

I deliberately didn’t start a new topic for this - it seems better here.

I’m trying to special copy and paste all the marks including side bearings from my Regular master into the slots of my Bold master. This time it’s a single file. How can I achieve this? I want to do the same thing with the whole character set when I start building the Light.


There are scripts for that in my GitHub repository: try Masters > Copy Layer to Layer, or Fill Up Empty Layers. If the bold master is still empty, you can just opt-drag the master in File > Font Info > Masters to duplicate the master.

Brilliant, thank you. There seems to be a bug in Copy Layer to Layer when the contents are a transformed component. It looks like the coords are multiplied off in the wrong direction somehow.

One of the reasons I love Glyphs is that it’s not a bloated with features - that’s why I’m against the multi-screen pleas.

That said it seems to me copying from layer to layer within the same document masters falls under a special paste remit.