Copyright Protecting Fonts

Hi everyone!
Is it possible to copyright protect a font, that it’s not possible to copy/use it without buying a licence?!

I’m working on a font for 2 months already, & don’t want it to become a free link on the internet…
I’m sure this would be a great help for most type designers & font programmers…

p.s. any solution [even partial] is welcome!

No. Either keep it to yourself or license and distribute it and hope that people do not like it.

In the age of the internet, anyone making fonts needs to get used to the reality that:

  1. even though you put a copyright notice on it, it will be copied eventually and posted somewhere on the internet;
  2. sometimes you can file a DMCA takedown notice with the site host and get it removed, but it will likely pop up elsewhere;
  3. it is much too expensive to try and do much about it through legal means unless you are a very large company with lawyers on staff;
  4. when it does happen to you, don’t stress over it; you will just lose sleep and it won’t affect the pirate;
  5. the only solutions are those @MarkSimonson pointed out above. Even then, fonts no one likes get pirated too. Pirates don’t care.

Is there at least a way to hide your feature code you worked on for a few months???

No way that I know of.