Corner component issue v1264

There is minor issue when I added corner components to the corner nodes on a straight line. As you can see the screenshots, one of the percentage it has is minus 100%…
round error non%20error
I guess this phenomenon is occured when corner components are added into 2 or more corner nodes on a straight line at the same time.

By the way, this is not occured if I Copy&Paste some corner components. This only occurs in right-click on them to open the drop-down menu.

That is on purpose. Draw the corner more asymmetric (as a serif) select the two nodes and add the corner.

In that case, how can I do when I add corner components to several nodes at the same time?
If I want to add them symmetrically to Japanese characters, not like a serif of alphabet.

Can you show me a place where the mirroring results in an undesired shape?

As a result shape is no problem, but sometimes there are not good results when it generated between each masters.
If it added corner components to the two masters different way (or delete only -100% corner component and add it again), one of the master components will be 100%, so the intermediate result will be 0%, like the screenshot.

However, I can understand current method is better for making serif in latin typefaces.

I see.

Better solution:

  1. Select glyphs in one master (where the corner components are OK)
  2. Scripts > mekkablue > Components > Propagate Corner Components

This will recreate the arrangement of corner components of the current master in all other masters. Including scale, alignment, orientation and what not.

Thank you Mekkablue for your recommendation!
How can I use it when I want to add one of the specific corner components?

Do it in one master, then run the script.

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