Corner components are no copied to background

Version 2.4b (931)
When using ‘Selection to Background’. Even when copy, pasting to background, doesn’t work?

Corners should be copied to the background, but Caps aren’t. I fixed that.

In 2.4.1 (956), I’m still seeing corners vanish when their outline is swapped with the background then swapped back.

Similar problem here. V 2.4.2 (1026)

Like Craig said, the problem is not so much copying the corner component to the background, because it is in the background. But when I swap the background and foreground, it disappears. I use the background all the time to compare versions, so this is really inconvenient.

Also, and perhaps this may help to solve the issue. the ‘select all’ command does not select the corner component.

Still seeing caps disappear when swapping with background.

This is still an issue.

I fixed the corners when swapping with the background.