Corner Components & Exporting

Hello there,

While I totally agree that corner components can be helpful during the design phase, I frequently run into problems when I try to export a font containing them. When exporting UFOs, or importing with the Glyphs Import script in Fontlab 5, they are ignored completely, leaving the “bare” shape they were originally attached to. It might be good if a decompose/remove overlap could happen automatically to those glyphs containing corner components on export/import.

I am working with Version 2.4.2 (1043) and Glyphs Import Version 0.6.

Thanks for the help!

Exporting from Glyphs: That can be done with a simple plug-in. Do you need help coding it?

And why also remove overlap? (You can remove overlaps already with a custom parameter.)

Importing to FLS: I don’t see that happening, because that would require implementing the complete algorithm in a Fontlab macro. You will have to prepare your .glyphs file for importing into FLS, sorry.

Which way would you recommend?

What would the plug-in do? I am sorry, I do not entirely get it.

You can remove overlaps already with a custom parameter.

Is that an instance custom parameter which gets called when exporting a UFO?

Ah, sorry, my bad, I was thinking OpenType export rather than UFO export. In this case, a simple script that prepares the font for UFO export would do. No need for a plug-in.

I do not think you need remove overlap, but you can quickly decompose all corner components. Careful: it could break master compatibility.

This is implemented now.