Corner components going rogue

I want to add corner components (CC) to a glyph but something seems to go wrong. I don’t understand the issue here. Can anybody identity this?

@GeorgSeifert This is the font you edited for me recently. You did it right, but it doesn’t work when I reproduce it.

Step 1
The original glyph.

Step 2
Selecting the node to add the corner to.

Step 3
Selecting the inner CC

Step 4
The result!

Usually you wouldn’t attach a (curved) corner component to a curve. Can you try attaching it to a corner (90° here) instead? I think the result you get here is expectable with what you where doing (which seems not to be correct for what you are trying to achieve).

  1. Turn the curves in the host path (your O) into corners: select them, right click, Make Corner.
  2. Add the corner component: Select the resulting corner point, right click, Add Corner.

BOEM, that’s it Mark. I clearly missed the part in the instruction that you should attach the CC to a corner and not a curve.
@mekkablue: danke!

One more question: what would be the best way for a geometric font like this. It’s extended, so the corner is also more wide than high. Since the corner curves run in the same direction it looks wonky if it’s applied to all four corners.

The lower left corner looks okay, the upper right not at all.

Would it be best to make ‘upper’ and ‘lower’ corners and apply them accordingly? One corner fits all doesn’t seem to work because of the path direction.

You can mirror the corners (use the flip button in the transform panel).

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@GeorgSeifert I’ve been adding corner components to my font and it works very well. Except, when you flip corners? I get this unexpected result:


Is there a way that you can see how you flipped the corner to get it compatible with the other master?
It’s a pain in the butt to check the little indicator below:


Perhaps somebody has a script that can visualise incompatible corner components?

Any tips?

With a non-symmetrical corner component it’s virtually impossible to see if it’s correctly positioned. The curves need the right direction, which you can only see in the little indicator box.

This is my trick, but that’s kinda lame. :wink:

I’d prefer an expert solution over this trick.

There is a script in my repo called Propagate Corner Components that copies all the corner components into all masters with the same orientation etc.

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Yes thanks, that’s fantastic. I’ll try it out this weekend.