Corner components in italic, incompatibility display

Hello, slight UI bug, I just noticed that the fact that corner components don’t use the italic angle is not taken into account when displaying the master incompatibility bar:

Do you know if there is a particular reason why corner components don’t use to the italic angle?

Another problem with corner components not using the italic angle is if there are metric keys used then the corner can wander off and still be considered “in sync”.

Note: part of the reason why the corner is off in this image is that the Slant Height is set to 0 (baseline) but nevertheless it only makes sense for the “box” of the corner component to follow the logic of all other glyphs.

It is really difficult to work with corner components in slant designs when they don’t adhere to the italic angle, in terms of both viewing and selecting.

Would it be possible to include this in an upcoming update?

Another push for corner components to adhere to the italic angle

I think I fixed that already. But can you send me your file?

File sent via DM

Just tried on a blank file ( version 3.1.2 (3151) )

I disabled the slanting as it disgusted the origin position. It is better in Glyphs 3.2.

It what?

Probably autocorrect. Obfuscated? Disturbed?

Should have been disguised.

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