Corner Components missing or moved in re-opened file

I have a simple one-master, one-instance font I’m working on and it uses corner components for the serifs. It was all working great until I saved my file, closed Glyphs, restarted my computer, and reopened the file. Now, approximately half of my glyphs have strange corner-component issues. For example, in some cases, the corner components have rotated. In others, they are missing altogether, so for example a glyph will show that it is missing _corner.leftSerif even though the original _corner.leftSerif exists in the font. In other glyphs, that same corner component is just fine.

I did not make any computer updates when I restarted my computer. It was maybe 2 minutes between when I saved and closed my file to when I reopened it.

I was using 3106 when the file was created and when I first reopened the file and discovered these problems. I have since upgraded to 3117, hoping that it would maybe solve the problem, but it has not.

Any ideas what may have happened and what I can do to get my corner components back to how they should be without going through each glyph?

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about. Two of the corner components moved to completely wrong corners. That particular corner never had any corner components to begin with. And then two are showing as missing completely (you can see that in the bottom left where they’re listed as missing).

In reality, before this was saved, closed, and reopened, there were two instances of _corner.leftSerif and two of _corner.rightSerif, each where you would expect them to be at the bottom of the left thin stroke and at the top of the right thin stroke.

Does it happen each time you add, save and reopen the corners? Can you send me the file?

If I fix a few, save the file, close it, and reopen it, some of the ones I fixed stay fixed and some of them go back to being mixed up. Let me see if I can figure out if there’s a pattern to which ones do which and if I can’t figure it out, I will send it to you. What address should I send the file to?

do you put them on the actual nodes or on the black dots?

On the corners where I use them, I do not have any open corners, so I put them on the corner nodes.