Corner components not functioning properly for me in Version 2.6.1 (1226)

Hey guys, I just opened the same file on my other computer and all of a sudden, the corner components are breaking, or at least aren’t functioning the way they have for months. For example, here’s what the corners look like on my laptop in Glyphs Version 2.6 (1192):

But here’s how the same looks on my iMac in Glyphs 2.6.1 (1226). I just checked and it looks the same in 1227 too:

Not sure what’s going on. Is this just a bug, in which case I should revert back to 1192 on my iMac?

In what version is it still working?
Can you send me the file?

It’s still working in version 2.6 (1192). What email address should I send the file to?

support at this domain.

Sent :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the file. I fixed it.

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