Corner components not updating their names

There seems to be a bug with renaming corner components.

Once inserted a corner components name remains to the initial value it was when inserted, even if the component gets renamed. The corner art remains at the original component state, despite the component referenced in the name not existing any more. When selecting the corner and clicking the arrow to reveal the component, a .notdef glyph is opened in the editor and the glyph containing the no longer existing corner has the corner path collapsed.

This is unexpected, since other components dynamically maintain their linkage even when renamed. In particular, I noticed this deviation only when I was trying to figure out why some serifs don’t get updated from manipulating the corner art, until I noticed that my naming change broke the link on all instances of that serif.

Edit: Using Version 2.4RC (935)

The corners are implemented differently. I have a look If I can fix that.

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