Corner to Smooth node conversion in Glyphs 3

Does it work different now? See the videos. Is it supposed to be this way? Very inconvenient tbh…
this is how it worked in Glyphs 2

this is how it works in Glyphs 3

What are you trying to do? Do you like to keep the angle of one of the handles?

Yes. Basically, what I normally do after is selecting handles on the right, moving them 1 point right (or left or up or down) - this is straightening the handles on the left, which make the right end of the shape looks nice rounded and smooth.

@GeorgSeifert, is it possible to create an additional keyboard shortcut for the “end of shape” case - something like option+enter or control+enter? so the handles doesn’t move when the points are converted?

You can disable this behavior by running this in the macro window.

Glyphs.defaults["GSMakeSmoothNodes"] = False

thanks, Georg, will do

Added this to the mekkablue script App > Set Hidden App Preferences

Fantastisch! :slight_smile: thanks a lot, Rainer!

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