Corner to smooth nodes - double click not working

Hi there!

I am new to Glyphs; I have been tracing my sketches using the draw/pen tool and then converting the blue square (corner) nodes to green circular (smooth ones) in order to create better curves. This feature stopped working all of a sudden, hitting enter doesn’t work either and using the “round corners” command seems inefficient for what I’m aiming to do. If anyone knows how to reset/fix the double click command I would really appreciate it :slight_smile: Thanks!

What tool is currently active in the toolbar?

I used the draw tool to make the points, but the tool currently active is the select tool.

There needs to be at least one handle (off-curve node) next to the blue square corner node to change it to green curve node. When the Select Tool is in use, you can Option-click on a path to add those off-curve nodes. Hope that helps.

The Drawing Paths video tutorial may also be of interest.

For the Round Corners filter, it can also be used on multiple nodes at the same time. Select the nodes you want to apply the filter upon, and then run Filter > Round Corners. In case, running it one by one was part of the efficiency concern.

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Thank you, this helped so much! I didn’t have any handles on the points :woman_facepalming: