Corner tools script?

Hi guys,
Is there any script for Glyphs similar to the Corner Tools (for Robofont) by Löic Sander?
Something that can automate the inktraps like in this example…
I could really use a script like this.
Thank you!


For this, you would use corner components in Glyphs.

I had a script that would do this. I’ll need to find it…


Thank you! Can’t wait!

Is there any tutorial where I can learn more about this?

There is a little section about corner components in the press release.

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Any chance you’ll find it soon? Thank you!

I was just making some inktraps and thought about this thread.

@robu - Were you able to find what you were looking for?

No, still haven’t figured it out yet.

Any news on this? I’d like to create interpolatable inktraps for heavy weights. The smart corners tutorial on this is a bit brief…

What is it that you need exactly? And what is unclear about the tutorial? Maybe I can improve it.

I want to create inktraps between bowls, shoulders and stems of ‘dbnmhMN’ and some others like /eth, which are (partly) constructed out of components. Will smart corners help here? How would I go about it?

Yes. They can help, if the corners in the letters have no overlaps.

  1. Create the shape you want and call it _corner.inktrap
  2. Place left, right and origin anchors in it.they indicate orientation: The path passes through left first, and exits through right.
  3. Make sure the path is oriented the right way (reverse it through the context menu)

Then place it on a few corner nodes and experiment and fine tune the anchor positions.

Can’t get it right. This is complicated… I guess I need to experiment more to understand smart corners…

Can you post a screenshot of the inktrap and the corner glyph? Have you tried in the latest cutting edge?

I’m having this same issue. No matter how much I play with the left and right anchors I can’t seem to get it right. It works for the inktrap on V for one position but not for N, and then if I move them to work for N then it doesn’t work for V, then X needs its own anchor placements, as does W. So what’s the point of having a corner component when each character needs it own?

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