Could "Component from Selection" include anchors?

It would be very convenient, if “Component from Selection” could include selected anchors, too.


Why would you have anchors next to outlines?

What do you mean? I often have cases where I have a glyph drawn as paths, with multiple (custom) anchors, and I want to rebuild it as a composite. Currently, I need to make the paths into components, and then copy over the anchors manually, making sure that I paste them at the same coordinates. This is very strenuous.

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Sorry, I didn’t meant to question the question but wanted more information. e.g. I thought that those anchors might be used to aligne the new component.

I see. Personally, I don’t have the anchors to align the (to-be) components in the layer yet, I add those later. But I often have anchors for aligning other components, because the layer might be used elsewhere already. I hope that makes sense.

Makes sense. I’ll see what I can do.

As fare as I can see, the anchors should be handled already.

is this new to 3.2?
In 3.1.2 (3151) the anchors are ignored

Don’t know, if I have understood correctly, so here is , what I do:

Most of the time, I want to make a part of a letter to be a component and if it contains anchors for marks, they should go to the newly created component.

Yes, this is new in 3.2.

You have a bit more control in the Move Paths to New Glyph script.