Cpsp feature in Adobe Illustrator?

Hello, I’ve noticed that my font’s capital spacing, cpsp feature, works fine InDesign, when the user switches on All Caps.
However, in Illustrator the capital spacing doesn’t change, though the case features operate fine.
Is this feature just not available in AI or am I looking at a bug?

Ah, for the record, cpsp doesn’t work in AI or PSD


It works for me. There are two ways of making a text all capital in Adobe CC:

  1. Changing case from Type menu. This one converts the plain text to all cap internally, nothing more. The cpsp feature does not kick in.
  2. Chang the appearance from the Type palette (the top right menu). This one does not convert the text data but only changes the appearance; if the selected text was lowercase, it stays so internally. More importantly for us, it enables cpsp feature.

I think this obscure difference is where the complaint is coming from. What do you think?

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Thanks Toshi,
I was actually trying this from the type menu, both the TT button and the drop down ‘All Caps’. But still no effect despite working in InDes. I’ve tried entering lowercase and upper just in case.
Is there another feature that might prevent it enabling?

  1. Update the classes and recompile.
  2. Make sure you’re testing the correct file. Use the Adobe Fonts folder.

Typing uppercase doesn’t make a difference. The ‘TT’ button activates both cpsp and case features.

That’s really strange. I restarted everything and reconfirmed both 1. and 2.

All works fine when selecting All Caps in InDes but still nothing in AI 2022

Anything weird here?:

I had similar problems with illustrator that it would only sometimes work. Sometimes the same font works on a diffident machine or one font works but not the other. There seem to be some strange dependencies or bugs.

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Agreed. Thanks