Crash and unable to open G3


I currently suffer from an error which made G3 unable to be launched. When I edited ‘smart filter’, the error occurred all of sudden and G3 never open since then. I followed this way (Crashes | Glyphs) multiple times but, unfortunately it didn’t solve the issue. I hope to get some working solution. Thank you.

In Finder, choose from the menu bar Go → (hold down the Option key) Library. Then go into the folder Application Support and then Glyphs 3. There you should find a file called CustomFilter.plist. Rename it (for example, to CustomFilter-backup.plist). Now Glyphs should launch again.

Please send us a copy of your CustomFilter-backup.plist file so that we can see what went wrong. Either via mail to support at this domain or via a private message.

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Solved! thank you!