Crash each time - HELP please!


I open Glyphs (last version)
Get the Vanilla update message (cancel)
Get the window “Last time Glyphs crashed… show details…”
Before I click it - the app crashes. 7 times so far.
Restart made no difference.

Please - can work anymore… Thanks


I tried to remove the plugin from Glyphs folder - same crash…


Follow the steps in the Crashes tutorial, please.

(Edit: corrected link)


Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.


I just corrected the link.




Hi, I did all steps described in Crashes Tutorial one by one - no luck:

Sending Crash Reports – sent to Apple
Can’t send to you – crashes on this window!
Restart the App, Don’t Reopen the File – crash!
Update to the latest Cutting Edge Version – impossible due to crash!
redownload the trial app from the Get App page – did it – same crash.
Disable Plug-ins – did it – same crash.
Try with Different Document – crashes with no open document.
Delete the Prefs – did it – same crash.
I opened a document I works on a week ago– same crash.

I didn’t change anything on my Mac. The only annoying message the keeps bothering me for days is the QuickLook Satelite (attached)42


Here is the crash report sent to Apple, the only report I could put my hands on…Crash report (112.7 KB)


Download the current beta from here:


Just opened the new version easyly - hope it is stable now. Thanks so much for standing by to address these issues. This is not trivial at all!


OK, make sure you enable both checkboxes in Glyphs > Preferences > Updates.


Sure thanks. All nodes got smaller, as well as the colored square that indicates the node fits the guide line. How can I make them bigger?


In the process you deleted the prefs, which makes sense if you need to fix something. So I am afraid I cannot spare you from going through the preferences again and redo your settings. There should be a node size setting somewhere.


Yep that’s right