Crash on open, crash on export. 3.0.5 (3114)

Several different Glyphs files crash on open. Many crash on export. Other crash when in preview/edit, or when clicking the Exports tab in Font Info.

I have emailed the files to support.

As far as I can tell, this happened first in 3113 and the issue persisted in 3114.

Did you send some crash reports (the one that comes up when you restart the app)?

Can you hold down the Option and Shift keys when you start Glyphs to disable plugins.

Sent just now.

I have tried holding down Option+Shift when opening. I cannot see whether the plugin or scripts are deactivated: scripts are still there in the dropdown menu and plugins show up as installed in Plugin Manager.

Fix it. Thanks for reporting.

It must have been some filter/custom parameter that was the issue? Were all crashes due to the same problem?

I will await the next update then. When is it to be expected?

I’m preparing it right now.