Crash on selecting nodes in any tab

Salam and Hi,

In the latest beta (Updated today) Glyphs crash on selecting anything in drawing mode! any points or shape! (Working on arabic+latin font PTW) and no plug-ins installed.

Sadly i can’t provide the file for debugging, it is a commercial font for a big company.

Is there anything other than re-downloading the stable build from the Glyphs site?

Did you upload a crash report. Ignore the dialog that comes up immediately, send the one that comes up when you restart the app. And add your name and a small description, that I can identify the report.

I sent the one that comes when the app restarts few times but without my name, i’ll do with my name tomorrow and let you know here.

Sent a crash report with my name Bandar.

The update that I uploaded just now should fix this.

Thanks, but it did not fix it, sent two more reports with more than one issue.

Just emailed you a file

الحمد لله
It looks like it is fixed in the latest update, Thanks @GeorgSeifert !