Crash on undo -long living bug-

this bug has been around for too long through many versions and it’s really frustrating to deal with
Glyphs randomly crash after undoing couple steps, it happens randomly and there is no specific trigger for the bug
when Glyphs reopens the work i wanted to undo is all gone and i have to redo everything again!
I know there are other posts about the same bug and I updated one of them that the issue is still occurring couple weeks ago but I got no response

running Glyphs Version 2.6.5 (1300) on OS 10.15.3

As long as I can’t reproduce the problem, I can’t fix it.
How often does it happen for you?
Can you try to run Glyphs without plugins and don’t use any scripts?

And please send every crash report you get.

You do not mean this one you posted one and a half weeks ago, right? You got a response within two minutes.

I do not find any forum posts by you that remained unanswered. Are you sure, you pressed the button to confirm the posting?

We really work hard and at very weird hours to answer all requests on the forum. If there is something unanswered, we may have overlooked it, please let us know.

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I know one undo bug: If you select nodes and guideline and move/scale/whatever together, undo gets broken.

I understand and appreciate your support to the app @mekkablue but this bug been around for so long as i mentioned
@GeorgSeifert I did try to run Glyphs without plugins or scripts and the issue still occured
it happens randomly and i can’t figure the scenario it happened around

  1. Please always send the crash reports. If have no crash reports, we have no chance to fix anything.
  2. As said before, try to describe steps for reproducing a crash. If you can reliably reproduce it, we can fix it almost certainly.
  3. Perhaps it is happening more frequently because of some corrupted pref file or local setting? Some suggestions in the Crashes tutorial.