Crash when clicking the Window menu

Hello !

I use Glyphs 2.6.5 on macOs Mojave.

Glyphs regularly crashes when opening the Window menu. It doesn’t happen right after opening Glyphs but after some time.

I can reproduce it on my machine by:

  • Opening Glyphs with a file
  • Wait ≈70 seconds
  • Click on Window in the menu bar.

Also sometimes, it doesn’t crash, but most of the menu is greyed out:

I disabled all my plugins, the problem still persist.

I see you have cleanmymac installed. This tool has a function that is known to damage other apps. Please uninstall it completely, restart your Mac, redownload Glyphs, move it back to the Applications folder, update it to the latest beta, and try again.

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Thanks for your answer, I did as you said but the problem persist. I noticed that the crash happen when I first click on the Script menu, then move on to the Window menu by hovering it. Again, never when the application just started, but after some time.

I cannot reproduce. And in my case, the app had been running for a day or two straight now. And I’m also on Mojave.

  • Any other helper tools installed?
  • Keep sending the crash reports please.
  • tried the suggestions in the Crashes tutorial?