Crash when editing font

I’m using Glyphs 3, all my fonts open and are editable from previous version apart from one file, this opens but as soon as I attempt to click on character to edit it crashes, it also crashes if I try to export.

Can you help please?

Can you send me that file?

I’ve sent it to support@ is that right?


Hi Georg

I sent it at 10:30am and again just now, I do have issues with my email ending up in junk mail can you check and let me know.
Sorry and thanks for your help.

Can you try to start the app without plugin? Hold down the Option+Shift key when you start the app.

And you have a serious problem with the spacing. Please read this:

Basically, you shouldn’t need any kerning between lowercase. All that has to be handled by spacing.

That worked thanks.

Spacing :grimacing: yeah I’ve not sorted this out yet just been hacking on this font learning to balance the form. Thanks for the heads up I’ll crack on with that soon.


You should remove the kerning altogether. do not add any kerning until you are done with the typeface (expect for some pairs like T, V pulse vowels (like To, Ta …))