Crash with background image

Hi there
Has anyone experienced the Glyphs app crashing after clicking on “edit background”? (In german Layer -> Hintergrund Bearbeiten) The software crashes every time I want to edit the background. Any solutions?

What version of glyphs do you have? Did you send a crash report ( the one that asked for your email address, not the one that says “send to apple”)?

I am working with Version 1.3.25 (526)
It did not happen before I updated to this version, but that was a couple of months ago… I did send several crash reports, since it happened to me more than once in different font files.

Activate Cutting Edge Versions (Vorab-Versionen in German) in Glyphs > Preferences > Updates and update to 1.4.x.

I updated to Version 1.4.2 (550) and it is still happening. I actually have a background image stuck and can not even delete it anymore, because everytime I try to click on “hintergrund bearbeiten” it crashes. Could it be, because the image is too big? Is this only happening to me?

The other question is how do I change language of the software? Since all the forum discussions are in english, I would like to change the language from german to english. Is there any easy way of doing this without reinstalling the software?

“Edit background” (Hintergrund bearbeiten) has nothing to do with the background image. Or did you put the image into the background?

Oh, but how do I edit the background image then? Sorry this sounds like a very stupid question, but my .png file is frozen in the background and I can’t select it, nor can I resize it?

In case you ended up locking the image in place, in Edit mode, try Control-click on the image to pull up the context menu. Select “Unlock image” if it’s there. Then, you should hopefully be able to select the image, resize it, and such.

Nzagamba, could you send me the file?

@composerjk: I finally finally managed to unlock the image! Thanks!
@Goerg Seiffert: It still crashes, when I click on “hintergrund bearbeiten”, but it has nothing to do with the background image or the file I am working on. I just created a new, empty glyphs app file and then clicked on “hintergrund bearbeiten” and it crashed.