Crash with roughen filter

In the latest version(2.1.1 (806)), an instance exported using the GlyphsFilterRoughenizer custom parameter crashes Glyphs. Making that instance inactive makes the export work again.

Might have been something else that has changed in my files but it worked on the previous version.

I fixed it.

I’m working on a stroke typeface with these custom parameters (not sure if I’m using it right) and after the last Glyphs update it crashes on export. Worked fine before…

    Filter = "GlyphsFilterOffsetCurve; 9; 7; 1; 0.5;";
    Filter = "RoundedFont; 9;";
    Filter = "RemoveOverlap;";

I finally fixed that crash yesterday.

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Well, is the update online? Because I have the latest and it’s still crashing.

The update is not online.

I’m trying to export some fonts with the current custom parameters but Glyphs crashes systematiccaly on export, and sometimes even if I click on an instance in Font Info > instances. It crashes both with G2 and G3.

Filter = “Risorizer; size:8.0; density:4.0; inset:10.0; variance:0.8”;
Filter = “Risorizer; size:4.0; density:10.0; inset:20.0; variance:0.949999988079”;
Filter = “Risorizer; size:2.0; density:20.0; inset:30.0; variance:0.400850474834”;
Filter = “Roughenizer;4;3;3;0;”;
Filter = “Roughenizer;2;2;2;0;”;
Filter = OptimizeStartNodes;

Any help?

  1. Three risorizers on top of each other? Does the crash still happen if you disable those?
  2. The two Roughen filters after each other seem unnecessary too. Try a single one with 2;5;5;0
  3. After a Roughen filter, you do not need to optimise start nodes, because there are only straight line segments left anyway.

So I’ve deleted 1 roughtenizer and optimizeStartNodes as you say.
I’ve also added, Disable Subroutines .
Glyphs does not crash if I delete all the risorizers.
Glyphs DOES crash if (1) risorizer is set as custom parameter, even without Roughenizer.

In any case, I would need Glyhps to do things in the following:

  1. decompose all glyphs from their components, but only on export as I have some bracket layers on several glyphs.
  2. remove overlap
  3. apply risorize 1 or more times
  4. apply roughenizer

Is it possible?

found something when trying to preview in the lower panel of Glyphs UI. G seems to crash systematically when…I hit “space”. That could mean Glyphs crashes whenthe scripts try to apply risorizer to an empty glyph?

Hello @mekkablue :slight_smile: I confirm that putting an exclude filter with all empty (spacing) glyphs on Risorizer prevents Glyphs from crashing.
In my case it was

Filter = “Risorizer; size:2.0; density:20.0; inset:30.0; variance:0.4; exclude:emspace, enspace, figurespace, hairspace, punctuationspace, space, thinspace, zerowidthspace, space.dnom, space.numr, space.sups”;

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Thanks I’ll have a look.