Crashed by copy and paste in Glyphs 3.0.1

I have now verified it several times: In Glyphs 2 it was possible to copy and paste the instances (with all values) in the export window in a word processor (TextEdit, UltraEdit, etc.), e.g. to change all names to another one. This was quick and easy.
The whole text with changes back into the left window all changes were done. Clean thing. But crashed Glyphs 3 with the same procedure, which I find very unfortunate. Is there another possibility? Is it possible to do it in a new version the same way as in Glyphs 2?

It might help to post or send to support the text you attempted to paste into the Exports/Instances sidebar so the issue can be tracked down. A simplistic test—only changing the name—seemed to work with creating a new instance with the pasted text.

I tried it again - it works. Confirmed once again: The problem is often in FRONT of the computer :slight_smile:

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