Crashes when opening ttf and saving as ufo

I copy my Mac’s font:

Arial Unicode.ttf

to a new directory, then rename the file. Then I open it using Glyphs. Then I click File > Save As, then I enter a new name and select ufo file format:


Then I click Save. Then Glyphs crashes.

(I repeated this several time and had Apple send the crash report to the developers.)

I am a newbie and this is my first use of Glyphs. Am I doing something wrong here? Should Glyphs be able to open a ttf file and save it as ufo extension?

I also tried the glyphs extension, and it seems to have no problem.

I could fix the problem. Some font info values where incorrectly imported.
For now, retype the designer and manufacture in Font Info > Font and it will work as expected.

Thanks George, This solution didn’t stop Glyphs from crashing when trying to save as .ufo format. However, it does help prevent errors when trying to export to .otf format.