Crashing application

Every time I type “YOU” in my contextually relative glyph collection my application crashes. I wanted to upload my font but new users cannot upload attachments. Would appreciate any help, thanks

What version of Glyphs do you have? Can you try the latest cutting edge version? Activate it in Preference > Update > Show cutting edge versions.

just updated to newest version, same problem!

Can you send me that .glyphs file?

What is a contextually relative glyph collection?

And which app crashes?

The shape of my vowels change based upon what consonant either comes before or after it- I have Glyphs 2, give me your email and I can send you the font

I can’t promise that I can fix things in Glyphs 2.

One thing you can try is to always have a space at the end of the string.

Does my license extend to glyphs 3 or do I have to buy it? Did you get to look? Anything appear wrong? I enable standard ligatures with all my code and when I type Y O no problem and then right when I hit the U it crashes

I can type “YOU” just fine without a crash.
But you don’t have the latest version of Glyphs 2. Please update to version 2.6.10 (1364).

I only see 1363, that should work right ?

I just saw that the 1364 is still a cutting edge version. I’ll release it right now as nobody complained about it. So you should see another update, now.