Create a brush/textured font

I’d like to create a brush/textured font in Glyphs.
I already vectorized a painted letter in Illustrator, but when I export it to Glyphs (and because it a very large amount of curves) Glyphs is extremly slowed down.

So my question is: is there a way in Glyphs to create this type of textured/brush font?

Thank you.

If Glyphs can’t handle it, the final font most like will be not performing well. And there are limits on how many points you can have it a font (depending on a few things).

How many nodes do you have per glyph? You can see it in the info box when you have selected any node:
Bildschirmfoto 2023-03-28 um 13.03.51

This might help: Creating fonts with complex outlines | Glyphs

Thank you for your response. My glyph has 3975 nodes :dotted_line_face:
Just for info, what is the limit number of nodes per font?
Because I found a way around by simplifying paths and then removing the overlap. I’m sure I can go further with that “technique”.

I mentioned that there are various factors in the max number of nodes. e.g. it makes a difference if you export as OTF or TTF. And if you like to distribute the font as a webfont you might to reduce the number of points even more.

You need to try and test it. I would say getting it below 2000 or better below 1000 would be good. And see how it looks in the intended environment and size.

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