Create composite glyphs?

That is the opposite of what you told me above?
I have always used the underscore on the mark and the plain mark on the glyph. I only did it this time because of your previous comment.

You need to decide what your main glyph is (where to take the spacing). If you use the ‘nut’ for this, you could have a different width of the but fractions then the small figures.
But if you decide to use one of the numbers as base you need to set up a chain anchors with a plain anchor in the base and a _+plain in the nut and another plain anchor in the nut. And so on.


  • one.subs has a “nut” anchor (kind of a the top of the bounding box)
  • nut has “_nut” (just below the bounding box) and “nut” (above)
  • one.subs has a “_nut” (below).
    You need to add the components in that direction. Then each component is positioned that the “_nut” anchor sits on top of the previous “nut” anchor.

I had a look at the file and in the case of the design in question, I suggested a different alignment method, purely with consecutive component placement and kerning between numerators, the nut fraction slash, and the denominators.

@Dezcom: I outlined it in detail in the e-mail to you.

Thank you so much for that email and all of your kind help!