Create pseudorandom calt feature(script)

Yet another question on calt randomizing

I’m trying to run Mekkablue’s script- Create pseudorandom calt feature from ssXX glyphs.

I have three stylistic sets in the file - default, ss02 and ss03

But when trying to run the script i get this message - No ssXX glyphs in the thisFont. Aborting.

Any tricks to get this working?

You need to have ss01 as well. Rename your ss03 glyphs to ss01 with Edit > Find > Find and Replace (Cmd-Shift-F), and then try again.

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Worked like a charm! Thank you Rainer!!

Is there a way of telling it how often it should choose to sub default with ss01 or ss02. So that in a text it would have lets say 20% characters from ss01 and ss02 and then 80% default.
Guess it could be done by having eight style sets with default characters, but thats seems kind of excessive?

You would need to adjust the script or the resulting ot feature code for that.

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i need a little help on a calt feature. I used @mekkablue script as a starting point for a kind of pseudorandom feature, however there’s something I can’t find a solution. I would like to have different ‘random’ results when I write two times the same word on different lines.

Instead of this:

I would like to have this:

Would it be possible?

The screenshot is from an Adobe app. Adobe apps reset the context at the start of each line. So that is not possible. If you type twice the exact same letters you will get the exact same substitutions.

You could give the user some control and add a character With zero width that advances the cycle. I did that once with the micro sign.

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Thanks @mekkablue!

Your solution might work since the designer will use this font mostly on adobe apps.