Creating an Android Color Font


i look this article and it’s look like what i want to do, except that i want to do it for Android not ios.

basically i have an ttf font file, and i want to add to it some custom emoji (taken from a png file i already have). As i understand (reading under android it’s will be not SBIX but CBDT)

Is it possible to do this with Glyphs ?

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CBDT is not supported.

As far as I know, You can’t load a CBDT font in Android. Only the default font installed in the system is supported. This is true at least for webfont, I don’t know if you can install a font from an app into the system and still use it. So at least I don’t know how to test a stuff if I would try to implement it.

@George in my app i have a textView and an asset/fonts folder with a custom CBDT font that I take from the web. i assign the font to the textview and it’s work, I could see correctly the emoji :slight_smile: however i need now to take the font roboto-regular.ttf and add to it my own emoji. if Glyphs can do this it’s could be very (very) great … and if it’s does already for SBIX i think will be not very difficult to do it for CBDT

@george : also if you want to try i can make for you a small android app to do your test … and even i can do the test for you …