Creating Counters

I have been using the demo of Glyphs for a few days now and the one thing that I can’t seem to get to work correctly is how to create counters.

I am copy and pasting vector paths from illustrator into Glyphs. When I export my font all the counters are filled in black. I found unchecking “remove overlap” makes counters open but when one character overlaps another (such with very tight tracking) I get white in the area they overlap.

Am I doing something incorrectly? Has anyone else experience this issue? I have tried everything I can think of but yet to find a solution.

Command-Shift-R, or Correct Path Direction from the Paths dropdown should fix it for you.

When I visit a glyph in my font I say hello by pressing »Cmd + Shift + R«. And when I say goodbye, again »Cmd + Shift + R«. For most glyphs that solves any black-white-counter-thing.

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cmd shft r seems to black out the counters in the preview of Glyphs, where as before it was white in preview but blacked out when I export.

Could it be you have two paths on top of each other?
I recommend the Drawing Good Paths tutorial if you want to know more about how paths work in fonts.

You are amazing! For some reason when I copied them from illustrator into Glyphs it duplicated the paths creating two characters on top of each other. Removing 1 fixed the problem. Thank you so much!

That is a typical illustrator problem. One path is the fill, the other the invisible cutout path. Before you copy to another app, set your colors to empty, select same conture&fill, and delete.