Creating first multiple master family

I’m working on my first multiple master font that I’ll interpolate. I’ve read some of the tutorials and handbook, but I’m wondering about a few things from others experience:

  1. I’ve drawn the light master. Should I do all the spacing and kerning to it before I add and work on the bold master?

  2. What is the best way to create the bold master based on the light (assuming all the spacing and kerning/groups already complete): is it to select the light master and hit “duplicate selected” in the info window? Or is it to simply “add master” and then select all the glyphs in the light and use the “copy layer to layer” script?

  3. I know I’ll be tweaking the spacing and kerning on the bold after I’ve tweaked the glyph drawings, but will all the spacing and kerning from the light carry over to the bold master?

Just wondering how to be most efficient. Any other tips?

Thanks for your help!

  1. You can do both at the same time, but for a first project, I think it is better to take clear steps, moving on to bold after you’re happy with the light master.
  2. Duplicate selected is the better start. “Add master” simply adds blank master, which is not as helpful.
  3. Yes, if you duplicate selected.

I usually draw both at the same time. That way I can use the RMX tools to do adjustments.

With my fist typeface, I redrew every letter at least a dozen times, same with spacing and kerning.

Thank you both for your replies and advice. I appreciate it.

Like you suggested, I suppose it best to complete the light with spacing and kerning and then add the bold and work on tweaking it.

I’ve created other fonts before, but not a MM, so once I get more comfortable with this workflow, perhaps I can look into other methods as you both noted.

I’ll be interested to learn how doing some of the things “at the same time” might be a possible benefit moving forward.