Creating Icons as a font

Hi there,

I’m trying to create a font with just icons.

The icons will be outlined when the weight is labeled WHITE and filled when the weight is BLACK, so we have a negative and a positive version. I’ve done this through a code I put in the font info. However, some icons wont change into filled when I choose the BLACK weight. How can I fix this?

This question is addressed to Eric. I would really appreciate your help.

I do not really understand what you are trying to do. Can you explain what should happen when you do what?

Would it be possible to show this inquiry to Rainer Erich as he is the one who helped me make it this weekend?

asuming u have distinct masters with distinct designs that are line versions and filled versions as is,
nothing special would be needed to have them functional.

are u applying a custom parameter that makes a path into stroke on the fly or something?
in this case same paths may have issues with the effect i could imagine…

Yes, we are applying a LayerGeek parameter.

@lujein: The parameter always removes the first path, so make sure the outline is completely wrapping all other paths, and it is really the first. You can see the Outline number if you turn on View > Show Master Compatibility, and you can fix it either via Paths > Correct Path Direction, or by dragging the outlines into the proper order via Filter > Fix Compatibility.

out of curiousity,
would u mind showing the intended result and source path of one of these icons?