Creating instances causing crash in Glyphs 3

Glyphs 3 crashes whenever an instance is created. This happens both as a completely new instance and Instance from Master.

(If the Glyphs file is completely empty and no glyphs have been created, I can create an instance without Glyphs 3 crashing)

I created a Glyphs 2 file with no instances and it opens fine in Glyphs 3. Once I add instances in Glyphs 2 and try to open it in Glyphs 3, it crashes.

I believe it is also the reason for the crash reported here:

I am using:

OS version: El Capitan 10.11.6
Glyphs Version: 3037
No plug ins are installed

Can you send some crash reports (the one that comes up when you reopen the app).

Yes I sent a crash report.

I found you crash report. Thanks.
This is a problem with your version of macOS. There is some API that is not available in 10.11. I’ll fix it.

Great, thanks a lot.