Creating italic and bold with Mini

I just purchased the Mini version and I’m wondering if anyone can tell me how to italicize or embolden the the entire set of my font (currently a Regular style) including letters, numbers, symbols…I’m also not sure how to maintain the spacing for the characters (LSB and RSB). Do I have to transform the characters individually and export separate font files for “italic” and “bold”?

Bold and Italic must be separate fonts, yes. In Mini, you need to duplicate the Regular file, and work in the duplicates. See the options in the transform filter for starting an Italic, make sure you set an Italic angle in Font Info. And you will find offset path and nudging useful for making the Bold.

Thank you for the response. I figured out how to use cursify for italic but I’m a bit confused as to how to maintain spacing after transforming (do I even want to maintain spacing or should spacing for italic be different?) Also, I’ve read about using offset path for bold but I don’t see in the filter dropdown for Mini, just offset curves. Is it only in the full version?

Offset Curves == Offset Path.

Do you have access to type design literature, resources on the web or a type design workshop? Because making bolds and italics is rather nontrivial and goes beyond the scope of explaining software functions.

Depends on your design intention and your judgement. So no one really can say except you.

If the shapes are more or less the same (like in an oblique), you may be able to keep the sidebearings. If you made the whole design tighter, you may need to adapt the sidebearings (the Relative option in Filter > Transformations > Metrics will be helpful then).

My bad, it is called Offset Curves, not Path. Still, get acquainted with what nudging (ctrl-alt moving) can do for you. That may actually be more helpful than offsetting.

Either way, you will need clean paths: (has some references to the full app version, but you’ll figure it out).

Thanks for all that info mekkablue, I’ll take a look at the article.