I just opened a generated OTF and discovered a glyph called “currency_acutecomb” which is not present in the original .glyphs file. What’s that spooky, sneaky little fella?

Éuro perhaps?

Is that a thing?

Also: the glyph is populated with the paths from /Jacute

Can you send me the original .glyphs and the .otf?

I wonder what glyph info settings you have on jacute?

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Jacute (UC!)

here we go, one is from the source file on Jacute, the other one is from that funny sneaky gyph Currency_acutecomb:

10 31

This is a mistake in the glyph data. The production name of the Jacute needs to be “uni004A0301” (two switched numbers). I fixed it.

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Thank you!
Do you still need the files to have a look, or is it checked off now?

This is fixed now

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