Cursive attachment for latin script

Does Glyphs support the cursive attachment GPOS3 for latin scripts?

In the adobe Opentype File specification, it is not mentioned it can only work with arabic script.

But when i type “position cursive meem.end <anchor 500 20> ;” or so, Glyphs doesn’t recognize it…

Where did you type this?

This is what exit and entry anchors are for. Is cursive attachment in Latin actually supported in any application? I haven’t tried.

I did set that in the info panel, tab features.
the ‘sub’ is colored blue, but the cursive not.

In Glypsapp, entry and exit anchors only work automatically with right to left-scripts.

I have just seen InDesign doesn’t support this, so I guess I better don’t try to make it, as it will not work in the coming years…

But when searching for examples I found Cursive attachment already explained for latin text in this example: nnis+Haralambous#v=onepage&q&f=false
(search in the document for cursive attachment, an illustration is in the second match, p552)
I guess some apps support it, but not the majority…

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