Cursor keys

Is there any shortcut to move the selection by the value of the defined grid spacing? My grid value is 38 pt so this would save me many keystrokes :wink:

Just press a cursor key, and the selection will snap into the next grid spot. Just make sure you set the grid spacing setting in File > Font Info > Other.

Sorry, I meant the subdivision and not the grid spacing. The cursor keys move the object 1 spot, shift + cursor keys 10 spots … that works and snaps. But i would like to define a custom offset value for the cursor keys. In my case this would be the 38 pts that i defined as subdivision in the preferences. Is that possible?

How did you define 38 units subdivision? What are your grid values?

In “General: Other settings” i defined “Grid spacing: 38” and “Subdivisision: 38” … that’s my grid value. It would be very convenient if i could use this value for moving stuff around with the cursor keys.

I am afraid the increments of 10 and 100 are currently not available as a user setting. You would have to turn off subdivision, but that would snap all nodes to the grid when you move a path, so that would only be a viable solution for moving components.

Or you scale the whole font down to 26.315789%, so what once was 38, would become 10, and you could have it scale up at export again with a custom parameter.

Or you modify my Paths > Move scripts and assign shortcuts to them via System Preferences:

I quickly hacked 4 scripts together:

Your script works perfect, many thanks mekkablue! This saves me several thousand keystrokes … maybe it could become a standard feature in the future?

There’s and new version for this action?? Seems like don’t work in the new version of Glyphs App.

There is a better solution in an upcoming app version.

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