Cursor not changing


sometimes when switching tools the cursor doesn’t change and I have to select nodes with a hand instead of a pointer. Or with type cursor.

I have seen this too but wasn’t able to reliably reproduce it yet. Can you?

Unfortunately I can’t. It just happens.

I’ve recently started getting this, too, quite often. Drawing cursor, zoom cursor, type cursor won’t change back to selection tool. Version 2.6.2 (1245), OS 10.13.6.

At the same time this behavior appeared, Glyphs also started making me update features all the time, whether I’d changed the glyph set or not.

Thanks for any light you can shed.

How is Glyphs making you update the features?

Sorry, Georg; I missed your reply.

I update by going to Features, selecting all the Features in the left-hand column, and clicking Update. That’s all, and it always works, but I have to keep doing it several times a session.

Why do you need to do this?

Because otherwise the features don’t work; that little red ! shows up in the corner instead of the features list.

You only need to update the features if you add/remove or rename some glyphs. And you don’t need to select the features, just hit the Update button. And sometimes, you might just what to hit the Compile button.

Yes, but that’s the whole problem: I’m not adding, removing, or renaming glyphs, and if I don’t keep updating, I get the red exclamation point and the features stop displaying in Glyphs anyhow.

Which plug-ins do you have active?

Hi, Rainer. Any thoughts on this? Sent you the list of plug-ins a while back. Thanks for any help you can give.

Where did you send me the list?

Can you try without plug-ins? Hold down option and shift while starting the app.